There are wars going on. Right now. In America. Didn’t you know??? You probably heard about it the most during December, when the assertion that “Happy Holidays” might be an acceptable greeting threw literally hundreds of thousands of people right over the edge.

But it’s not just limited to Christmas. Apparently, there’s a war on religion that is being waged (secretly by that closet Muslim, Obama) all over the country by Godless Liberals who want to kick prayer out of public school (it hasn’t been, you can pray silently whenever you please), or by those who would deign to suggest that perhaps, maybe, there shouldn’t be a massive monument to the Ten Commandments on PUBLIC property.

The war on religion is yet another fear tactic brought to you courtesy of Fox news and paranoid denominations to further divide the nation and alienate anyone who would not follow the deity du jour in lock step. Much like the myth that it’s the poor who are the problem with our budget, the God-fearing have been fed the Kool-Aid that every single time someone points out where THEY are overstepping their boundaries, it’s a war.

Because nothing gets short-sighted Americans in Bubbles fired up more quickly than the assertion that there’s violence to be done and that, from their armchair they can be warriors! Americans love a good battle, especially when there’s really no risk to them.

So, the news pundits keep lining their wallets by promoting this Rovian idea that there is a war on Christianity. The fact that perhaps we don’t want to hear “have a blessed day” or that not everyone celebrates the birth of Christ is something they cannot bear. Because it’s bad enough that they can’t evangelize and save us all. It’s bad enough that they are wrongly convinced that this is a Christian nation (read Jefferson’s writings on religion–he’s hardly the model of “Pious Christian Founding Father” that the religious right brings up on a regular basis.

My kids, who go to public school, recite the pledge every day with “under God” in it. People are so ignorant to history that they think those two words have been in the pledge the entire time, instead of being added in a McCarthyistic-era paranoia by those wanting to smack down the Godless Commies. As if rejecting an afterthought to the pledge means we hate America.

When people suggest that perhaps God should not be on our secular, public currency, it’s war. When stores have the nerve to also sell Kwanzaa decorations during the time of year (which now starts in August) that we’re supposed to be celebrating the Prince of Peace with rampant consumerism, that’s war. When the owners of Hobby Lobby experienced a boycott because they refused, as Christians, to pay for family planning insurance for their staff, it was a war on religion.

Yet, when their tax dollars go to something they don’t believe in, they can’t see the double standard. According to the New American:

“One of the new president’s first executive orders following his inauguration on January 20, 2009 was a repeal of the “Mexico City” policy that forbade the disbursement of U.S. taxpayer dollars to any organization in another country that performs abortions. The idea of requiring taxpayers, many of whom believe abortion to be a grave moral evil, to subsidize the practice not only violates the conscience of abortion foes, but also makes a mockery of the argument that abortion is strictly a matter of personal “choice.” The Obama policy expands “a woman’s right to choose” to include a “right” to have that choice paid for with other people’s money.”

How is that different for the atheists who paid for the school where the valedictorian read the Lord’s Prayer during a public commencement without any consequence? How is that different than taxpayer money that goes into the maintenance of roads, utilities and sidewalks that lead to every church in this country that doesn’t pay a dime in taxes? How is that different from paying for and maintaining a religious display on courthouse grounds when you don’t believe in that religion?

The answer is, it isn’t. And when discrepancies in logical thought (which are shocking from people who believe there’s a Daddy in the sky watching them, I know) are pointed out and they’re not in the favor of the religious right, all of the sudden, it’s a war.

There is no war. And you’re not victims. And the growing assertion that you’re not allowed to live your faith is crap. Because when you refuse service to a gay couple for a wedding cake, or threaten to fire all your employees because you don’t want to insure for the morning after pill, you’re forgetting that your customers, the ones who pay your bills and whose money is actually going into the collection plate each Sunday? They sometimes have your beliefs, but many times do not. And just because everything is no longer going your way in an Ozzie and Harriet world does not mean you’re at war. It just means you’re throwing a tantrum.